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Originally Posted by Shaykeija View Post
I planted trees in my yard for every pet I have lost. I had name tags made to be on the trees. I have two here that were cremated and I find peace, knowing they are home with me. I have 2 buried at a pet cemetery and I am going up there today to put new flowers on their graves. I still cry every time I go there...I have a memory box with their collars, favorite toy, treat and a clump of their hair. I also have a loves lost wall, where I have pictures of my family members, friends, and furkids that have passed away. Every time I add a new picture, my heart breaks. But in time I can look at that wall and remember the good times, not just the sad ones.
Shay, those are lovely thoughts. I did think about planting a tree and burying her ashes there but this will not be our forever home so I wouldn't want to leave her. When we are ready we plan to take her ashes and those of her best doggy friend and release them together into the ocean at Tofino. The beach was a favourite place for all of us .

Originally Posted by abmacdon View Post
Five weeks later we got a new dog because we really needed to fill the void. We now have Puck, a beautiful little Lhasa Apso type dog, a rescue from Los Angeles. While I still think about Grover almost daily, Puck has brought a new joy to our little family.
Originally Posted by marko View Post
me too. EVERY time I come home I feel sad because a 17 year old greeting ritual is now broken. It's making me go out less....sigh. I know it will get better for everyone with time.
I can't even imagine how much worse the pain would be without Riley and the cats here . When we said goodbye to my cat Bud years ago I planned to wait quite a while before having another cat. We only lasted about three weeks before I couldn't bear not having a cat in my home . They are never replacements but do help to heal our hearts.
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