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Gosh I didn't mean to post such huge pictures....can't seem get the hang of it.

I am not really into bugs but I find dragonflies super cool. The first one I was hanging sheets out to dry and he/she just sat there watching me. It was really neat as you could see his/her little alien like head moving around following me. I flicked a spider his/her way he/she swooped over and caught it, which was just to cool. They love to feast on the may/shad flies when they hatch. We seem to get several different hatches of dragonflies of varied sizes over the season. Anytime I see one fluttering in the lake or caught in a spider web I feel the need to rescue it.

One was super stuck in a web this past summer and I was able to clean him up so he could fly away. The little bugger acutally sat still in my hand and let me do it.
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