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Thanx for the advice everyone, and putting my mind at ease. I certainly do want him to gain muscle, not fat, and do not want to put any stress on his joints.

He did receive a de-wormer when he was at the humane society and went in for his neuter and vaccines (not sure what was given as the vet did not mark it in his file ). Because I was not aware that the vet had in fact given him a de-wormer (I found out afterwards), when I had him in to my vet we gave him a de-wormer. So he actually received two, which I am told will not harm him and is sometimes necessary to give a 2nd one anyways.

LP his stools have been okay. They were a little loose between a few food changes, and I am currently switching him over from the Kirkland to the Acana Pacifica in hopes he does well on it (I feed it to Brynn and Furby, so I figure it would be easiest just to have them all on the same kibble). As for the product that was used as a de-wormer, I am not sure. I do have the box the tablets were in when they were given at my vet, but I'd have to find it. And yes, you are correct, he is at that gangly stage...! LOL. He looks so awkward and gangly with those long legs!

Yeah, it is a fair bit of food. I guess how I came up with it is, I figured at his ideal weight (about 80 lbs) at 2.5% he would eat 2 lbs of raw. So I give half of that in the A.M. as for the kibble, if he ate half of what he would eat under ideal circumstances, it would be about 1.5 cups. However, I figured it wouldn't hurt him to have double. Maybe it's too much? If I fed him at what he would eat at his ideal weight (1 lb of raw in the AM, and 1.5 cups of kibble in the PM) would that suffice? Maybe I will cut back...
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