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Originally Posted by MIA View Post
The other idea is to adopt an older MinPin that is used to life in an apartment or able to live in one, which is more than possible. There are older ones that may suit such a life. Between the ages of 3-5 they are much more settled which may be more suitable for you if you are not dead set on a puppy. That's the route I took when I got my first MinPin and was living in an apartment! Not all dogs in rescue are naughty!!! Many are lovely, I just adopted out a wonderful MinPin to a gal in an apartment so it can be done. Just a note: MinPins can live well into their 20's so they are a long living breed!!! My first MinPin that I adopted at 7 is still here and now 17!!! Here's Chopper swimming a few weeks ago at the beach!!

I just read this post...and this is a wonderful idea! There are definately older more sane Pins out there from rescues etc, probably more suitable for your apartment. My two are very young and crazy, so I am giving my opinions on my own experience. This is a good option if you aren't dead set on a puppy. Good thinking!
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