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Vets and pet food..

I moved to Canada with my two cats.... they have had quite a hard time adjusting to the canned pet food.. and I look at it when I open the tin and think.. omg.. what IS that?

My first trip to the local vet...... when he saw my Manx.. asked.. oh dear.. whatever happend to her tail? Even though their notes stated "Manx" he didnt know what a manx was? After a check up.. he decided we should have both cats eat their food...($$$$$) .. (obviously had a deal with the manufacturer), and said we should bring them in to be checked again after several weeks...($$$$$$) ...... needless to say, we didn't.. and we have also stopped vaccinations.. and so far... happy, healthy cats.

I'm at the stage that If i care what I eat.. I should care what they eat.. and just looking at the contents of the tinned food makes me shudder. Yes it may have some of the important essentials.. but for the most part.. it looks more like someone has been sick. Junk food for pets?

Long term, I want my cats to be healthy... bad diets don't show up overnight.. its an ongoing thing. If anyone has any good recipes to share.. please email me at *** Would appreciate it.

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