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Thx for the comment 14+!
I kind of feel that way too. It really was the teeth pressure thing I was worried about and the fact that Twiggy is insanely vocal. She makes the weirdest and widest variety of noises I've ever heard a cat make.
Sometimes when she vocalizes i swear she sounds like a's nuts. She has a very high pitched voice and I haven't fully mastered her sounds yet.

My only concern here is for the biting on the neck, not the activity. He leaves vampire like marks on her neck that remain for a while, though again I see no blood.

The noises that she makes when Baci has her by the neck are somewhat confusing to my ear at that more of this activity has taken place.
Sometimes they are higher pitched than others to the point where we think he might be hurting her. Then again she does seem to 'play coy' with Baci to the point that it seems like she wants him to mount her.

It's really the marks on the neck that are my concern. How much punishment can a cat's neck take?

Any additional comments appreciated.
Thx again!
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