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Humping behaviour with spay/neuter cats

Hi members,

Curious to know your opinions. So our 2 new cats have started engaging in humping behaviour even though they were both altered. Baci (male 2ish) was neutered but we have no idea when.
Twiggy (female, 6) was spayed late in life.

I actually spied on them when baci tried to mount twiggy. The behavioural gesture was there but there was no intercourse.

My main concern is the fact that baci has very sharp teeth and when he's engaging in this behaviour, he leaves teeth-marks in her neck. He does not draw blood but the marks are visible when he is done. I know mothers carry their young by the necks, but will sharp teeth on an adult female's neck be painful?

(Twiggy makes little noises when this is all happening but she does not appear to be making pain noises.)

What would you do? Thanks!
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