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I understand about the picture being broken. My b/f's dad passed away a little over a year ago and he had some pictures in a frame behind a piece of glass. One of our cats knocked it down and broke the glass part and frame. He was really angry about it, but in the end it was our fault because we should have hung it somewhere where it couldn't be damaged by the cats.

There's absolutely no way to keep cats from breaking stuff that is in places they can get to, and it is not the cats fault. If you have lots of glass items you either have to put them away or put them in a cabinet behind glass to display them where the cats can't get to them. That's part of having cats, if you have them you must cat proof your home or else things will get broken. Just like with an infant, they don't know any better and they have no idea what the value of the items are, so if things get broken it isn't their fault.
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