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Originally Posted by Dakkar View Post
Sorry for the delay in posting, but I had received a Facebook message on the 13th saying she had made a mistake (?) and after speaking to Joanne (I don't know one, but if it was someone from the board, then I thank you) she would be willing to return my cats.

That being said, my reply was sent late on the 14th. I'm not all that big on using Facebook. I offered my address again if she needed it, but I haven't heard back as of yet. So I'm not sure what to make of this whole thing... still.

From what I understood, she had a woman that was interested in getting 2 cats. Since Mark and Dot were siblings, you really don't need to worry about fighting for territory or alpha status, she probably thought they would be best for that particular person. Hence why she came as quick as she did, she had an appointment with that person. But as I said, that's just the way I understood it to be.

The officer didn't have much to say in regards to her as a person if that is what you mean. He said that she said it was over money and not fleas as that was what she told him. He seemed nice enough and was definitely polite to me, but he didn't really put much stock in the whole thing.


I'm of two minds about doing anything too harsh. While on the one hand it may help my ego, it doesn't help my cats on the other. It might also cause them to 'close up shop' and then there will be more than just my cats on the line. While I'm in no position to say what good they have done for the feline population, my story seems to be one of a kind when it comes to this particular rescue. If other people on Facebook had said "OMG, this happened to me too!" I'd be more inclined to force the issue in the public eye.

I've been tempted to contact the Hamilton Spectator, as they have done at least 2 articles regarding these people / rescue. Once again, it only serves as a warning to others and doesn't help my cats out in the long run. However, if I don't get my cats back, then I may reconsider.

The Facebook page is for the shelter. When the police wanted her address, I had to do a reverse look-up to get an address for them. It's how I know it's a residence and not a business. The rescue doesn't have an address associated with it in any of it's information. Just the one person's phone number.

Anyway, I suppose there's still time for her to actually contact me in regards to Sunday. So once again, I'll just have to wait and see.
I hope you'll get your cats back.
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