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Hi breese, I answered your questions below:

Originally Posted by breeze View Post
could you answer some questions??

how many times are you feeding him - food is freely available to him, I dont remove it
how much are you feeding him - about 1 cup a day
does he eat very fast - he nibbles mostly, doesnt finish all at once, but will eat more in the evening
how old is he again I seem to have forgotten - almost 4 months
how much does he weight. - approx. 7 lbs (per vet visit about a week ago)
is he very active right after he eats.. - he is playful, sometimes he will grab a bite and run with it..sometimes roll it on the floor and pounce, I walk away and not play with him during that time, but he seems to entertain himself

Archer is on "NOW" but not puppy food he is on adult due to the fat and protein content.. some dogs do not do well over a certain amount of protein and fat content..
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