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Attempt raw meat and bone.

Hello, I recently adopted an 8 week old kitten from a friend this is the first cat I ever owned and I know that most cat food sucks, I currently have home on blue wilderness and evo,
Iv been looking into making a raw meat and bone diet for him but I'm afraid he wont be getting every he needs.

First of all is it ok not to grind the meat and bone but instead cut into little pieces?

What are some nutrients and some other meats I should add?

I have a list of stuff I expect ill need but I'm sure their more that I'm missing.
can any one give me advise about how to portion and feed the following?
I can use all the help their is so please feel free to reply thanks.

Is it alright to feed things like pork and beef liver heart ect?

Meat , poultry: chicken leg and thigh quarters, brest, wing, gizzards, heart.
Duck leg thigh breast wing, gizzards, heart.
Quail leg thigh breast wings, gizzards, heart
Cornish hen leg thigh wing, gizzards, heart.

Meat , red meat: beaf (sirloin or stew beaf)
beef heart, pork heart, lamb heart , ground green tripe(if I can find green tripe)

bone, chicken thigh, wing, neck, breast, back ribs.
Duck thigh, wing, neck, breast, back, ribs.
Whole quail. Turkey....what is a good turkey bone?

Im going to cut the bone with scissors and leave meat on.

Organs, beef liver?, quale liver, duck liver, pork liver?, chicken liver.

some other meat I wouldn't be able to get my hands on like
Ostrch, rabbit, do I need?

As well as other organs like the spleen

Does any one have experience with feeding a diet like this that can help me?

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