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Building a 6'x8x40' cat run - looking for plans/ideas

I'll be building a large cat run this weekend. I was suppose to have this done several months back but it never happened. Now one of my cats got hit by a car so while he's healing I need to get the car run built as I have 6 other cats and they are going nuts in the house as I've only been letting them out in the morning for a few hours and they are used to being out for at least 6 hours per day.

I've found a few examples but looking for more.

I plan on making it 6' wide x 8' tall x 40' long. Haven't decided if I want to leave about 6x8 foot area covered and built into an shelter and leave the rest opened but covered with mesh wire or maybe use transluscent roof panels for the non shelter area.

Any build ideas would be appreciated.
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