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both had dental in Jan 2011. max has 2 extractions.

below are the blood work results for both from the monday prior to friday dental. w/ previous for reference. i plan to start having BW done every 4 months.

BUN 46 / 39 / 45 [14-36]
CREA 2.7 / 2.7 / 3.2 [.6-2.4]
PHOS 4.8 / 4.7 / 4.2 [2.4-8.2]

MAX - JAN 11 / AUG 10 / NOV 09
BUN 49 / 32 / 40 [15-34]
CREA 3.5 / 2.5 / 2.4 [.8-2.3]
PHOS 4.5 / 4.1 / 4.5 [3.0-7.0]
LYMPH 10 / 5 / 20 [20-55]
URINE RBC 6-10 [0-5] - i just noticed -- blood in his urine - vet didn't mention this ... she said his P/C ratio was .2 = normal? even tho the report from the lab shows .2 is borderline proteinuric

yes, i add water to canned.

i am going to buy some bonita flakes to see if that will encourage max to eat more. he won't eat more when i sprinkle the liv a littles (go figure?)
Originally Posted by growler View Post
If that wouldn't reasonably work, even measuring what all 3 combined drink in a 24hr period while not separating the cats would give an indication when there is an increase. That wouldn't tell you who but you might also notice a behaviour change that would tell you which one it most likely is.

Do you also have the BUN/Urea and phosphorus numbers for both cats?

When was the dental done?

Are you adding a teaspoon or two of water to Rachel & Max's canned food? this will provide a little extra moisture with slightly longer time to absorb because it's mixed into food. It's also recommended for all cats since they do drink so little & most of their moisture comes from canned food (unless fed a strictly dry diet which is not recommended for any cat).

How is Max with eating a canned he may not be particularily fond of but is dressed up w/treats in the food?

You can also always add a "treat time" to your day like before bed or something where they get a couple of teaspoons of raw turkey or canned food or some treats.

Kidney cats have a tendency to lose weight and also not want to eat because they don't feel well/no energy, they have no appetite/nauseous, etc so it's always good to encourage them to eat even if that means adding treat toppings to their meals.
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