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Yes, a urinalysis was done. I didn't get a copy of those results because it took a second try a few days after the initial blood profile. The vet called and said that the results were what she expected, slightly diluted (this was prior to fluid therapy). I will get copies of everything when we go in next week for the check up.

It is total 600cc's per week. 300cc's at once. It seems like a lot to me when we're doing it. I hadn't thought of splitting it into 2x a day. He wiggles far to much for me to do it alone so I have to get my boyfriend's help. I think doing it every other day may work better for us since we're both only free at night. I will talk to my vet about doing it differently and see what she thinks.

He doesn't seem to be moody ever. He is always very alert and loving. He is always up to greet me when I wake up or get home. The only change is that now that he is older he seems uncomfortable with being picked up and really hates being brushed (although he never loved it..).

I got my supplies online. The vet's prices were about 4x more! The needles are Monoject 18g. I have a box of 100 but when I am out I'm interested in trying the ones you are recommending.

I do warm the fluid bag beforehand. Tiger doesn't notice the needle if I set him up with a small dish of 100% freeze dried chicken breast treats. There is another question! Should I try to cut back on treats? I certainly don't dish them out like crazy but he may get 1 a day, and a little more on his fluid days. I know cutting down on the phosphorous is important, can treats make a huge impact? Everything I have read has made me think that fluid therapy can help more than changing the diet.

Thank you so much for the tips and advice given in your reply.
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