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Gizmo's Eye - I am so scared, worried and sad

On Thursday Gizmo was up to his normal self and was picking on Tonka. I guess Gizmo pulled the last straw and Tonka just could take it anymore and knocked Gizmo on his butt.

Gizmo didn't yelp or anything just got up and went on his chair.

The next day when I got home from work (Mark had the day off) I came in the house and only Tonka and Eddie welcomed me home. I looked for Gizmo and found him laying down moping.

Mark had found ANOTHER stray dog in our complex and had him/her in the house for two seconds while he got a leash and the phone to call the number on the tag. I/We thought right away that he was just being a suck thinking that he thought we were bring home yet another dog. So I picked him up to sort of console him and notices that one of his eyes had some gew around it. I took him into the bathroom and wiped it clean but didn't notice anything really wrong with it.

Unfortunately I had to leave about ten minutes later because I was driving two girls to a stagette up in Sauble Beach (one of those girls was the bride-to-be).

I asked Mark to keep a close eye on him and let me know if anything changed.

I called and check in at home while I was away and nothing had changed (Mark said he thought MoMo was getting a little better).

When I got home on Sunday I brought my stuff into the house and started looking for MoMo. I found him and his eye goop was worse. I ask Mark again how he did over the weekend and Mark said fine. I told him that I was going to make a vet appointment for Monday (today).

We went to the vet and apparently his retna is torn. The vet said it was pretty deep and he could lose his eye. I started balling right then and there. My poor little guy. I am so very very said and very worried.

The vet gave us some eye drops and I have to put them in every two hours (for the next 12 hours). Then I have to put the drops in four times a day for the next ten days. This means I might have to find some one to take care of him during the day (and I can't think of ANYONE) or I have to see if I can take him to work for the next four days.

I really wish I had canceled my trip up north and took him to the vet right away, but I didn't think it was as bad as it really is.

Gizmo is a bit of a drama queen and will play "I am hurt" all the time, or mope around if he doesn't get his way. I really didn't think it was as bad as it is when I left.

I am so scared that he will lose his eye.
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