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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
Not sure what euthanization rate the TAS has, but I thought it was high? Perhaps somebody will be able to post that info. Sooooooo, if animals have to be brought there, wonder how many are being euthanized?
I heard the THS had a no-kill policy and that is the main reason a lot of the animals were sick and some dying. I also heard there were way too many cats there for the space and cages available to be able to keep them healthy.

Originally Posted by Golden Girls View Post
Who wasn't happy when Tre Smith rescued a dog from a sweltering SUV but handcuffing the guy leaving him with an angry mob before the police arrived ...not too smart. Even after he was suspended he continued to wear his uniform whenever he was interviewed IMO showed a lack of respect for the law.

Now suspended again & charged with (IM)personating a peace officer & perjury Does he think he's above the law or something?

If it proves the other guy Mark Beauchamp did tip off the THS prior to the raid ... that's just a shame!
I agree he wasn't too smart to handcuff the guy to his car but if I remember correctly the only reason Tre Smith handcuffed him was because the guy was trying to prevent him from rescuing the Rotti, but it's possible I'm wrong.

As for Mark Beauchamp, if he did what they say, then he wasn't trying to protect the animals, only the people at the THS. How sad

Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
I agree what he did was not right, but I would feel the same if one of our members got arrested because they trespassed to rescue a dog/cat who was being neglected. :sad:.
From what I've read and seen on TV about Tre Smith, everything he's done has been for animals, even while he was impersonating a peace officer. I can't condone what he did, but at least he was thinking about the animals, not the humans who worked at the THS. I agree with L4H, though what he did was against the law, I don't think he should be thrown in the same boat with Trow and the others. Just my 2
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