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Vista links that helped me

I am by no means a Vista expert. My love is XP, but bought a Vista machine thinking I might need to learn how it works - for work. It runs ok now but I don't use it for much.

Here are some of the articles/links I have saved while working with Vista issues. Maybe one of them can help you or someone you know.

Good luck with Vista.

***Also note for anyone ready to buy a new pc...Dell outlet still offers XP loaded with Vista licenses on many models - I recommend that rather than buying the "yucky" Vista.

Installing Adobe Acrobat 8 on Windows Vista

How to Manually Clean Out the Temp Folder in Windows Vista

Put the Shut Down button back on your Start Menu

How to Fix Windows Visat Slow Network Transfer

Windows Vista - Install Printer Problem (Error 00000035)

File and Printer Sharing in Windows Vista

Top 10 Windows Vista Performance Tweaks

VSO Image Resizer - manage your digital photos

Playing a DVD VOB in Vista MC

Can't play vob files

Vista Tutorial - User Account Control (UAC) - Elevate Privilege Level

How to use the Windows Vista FTP command line utility

Transform Vista into Windows XP

***Please let me know if the last two links don't work, they were from a site I subscribe to, that requires a password so I converted them to pdf and put them on my webpage. Sorry, I know one of them is sideways, LOL.
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