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i have a female spayed pug almost 4 years old. in may she had surgery to correct a vaginal stricture and hypoplastic vulva. she has had chronic uti's. she has been doing fine until yesterday when i saw blood in her urine. i had hoped after all the diagnostics and surgery that the problem would have been taken care of. what else can it be? the docs have done all kinds of xrays, ultrasounds, digital exams, blood work, etc. i travel alot with my husband and we always have the dogs with us. but when we have to go to a vet out of town, i seem to get so many different opinions on what to do. i guess after this infection is cleared up, and talking to my vet and surgeon when i get home next week, is there anything i can do as far as holisitic, herbal, supplements to help prevent these uti's? thanks for any help.

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