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A couple of questions for clarification purposes:
1. Is your dog fixed?
2. Is he always an outdoor dog?
3. Have you ever trained the basic obedience commands?

Right off the top of my head I would suggest going back to start, get a long leash, they have these 20' leashes available for training and start training him the "Come" command from scratch. You should only be comfortable enough letting him off the leash completely if your recall is excellent. This may be a matter of life and death.
The strange behavior when he sees other doggies - I dont think it is necessarily related to losing his sister, but to lack of overall socialization with his kind. Dogs are pack animals, they like to be around other dogs, but dogs that are not given that opportunity may develop behavioral problems, as well as may react badly when they finally are given the chance to go over and see the other dog. This may result in a potential fight, because your dog doesn't know the "etiquette" of approaching another dog.
So I would suggest to start seeking out possibilities of socializing your dog with other dogs whenever you can, maybe arrange for play sessions with your neighbor dogs? But first thing first - if the dog is not neutered - you must take care of that. Just my !
Good luck!
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