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Originally Posted by Terry Smith
I'm ne to this forum, but have heard that sometimes unmatched dogs can be a problem and creat fears in youg dogs if an older one is in contact and is more agressive.

I agree with you, except if you find a good daycare, they know the regular dogs and can watch out for new charges under their care. The place I go to have the place divided up for small breeds, lg breeds and puppies. Once they feel the puppies want to play with the big dogs then they include them. Also if they need a time out then they get a time out, the dogs respond pretty quickly and will settle down. More often then not dogs who go to daycare are good dogs, social dogs and you won't see any problems.

I LOVE daycare, but my dog doesn't go very often. I stay at home, so if she goes it is just so I can get a full day of erands done.
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