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I ditto what Marko says and add a tad more.
Dogs are highly social animals and require good company to have a healthy social attitude. We all want to have dogs in our lives but our lifestyles are not always what is best for the dog. In our modern times dogs are placed in very un-natural situations. Insolation while parents are at work, lack of socialization and exercise, and lack of stimulation or good leadership. So the doggie daycare can fill the gap in a lot of those areas and make a huge difference.
The quality of the daycare can make the difference. The people running the show must understand dogs, behavior, obedience and health. They must monitor the dogs at all times and be effective in controlling bad behavior. Cleaniness, quiet times, activites, and outside time are all a part of the big picture.
But as Marko said, daycare does not replace mom and dad. You still need to interact with your dog and provide learning, love and stimulation as much as possible. We get a dog to have relationship, so we do need to make sure we are holding up our end of the bargain.
I definately prefer doggie daycare over dog parks - where there is little control and terrible things can happen.
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