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I understand what you are going through..
I too have a bernesse she is 1 1/2 year old.. we have had problems with her from day one.. she is only 70lbs but is supose to be 85lbs..

every month Bree seems to go through a period of not eating, then diareha, then has to be put on meds that make it worst, then won't eat anything.. so we change her food and it's ok for about a month..

I do find that the potien level in her food must be kept on the low side other wise it does not agree with her.. the best food I did find IMO was timberwolf organics, but they changed the size of the nuggets and bree chocks on them, she now will not even touch it..

I have noticed that when she get overly excited the dierrha coms back to a point it will not right itself regardless of what we do.. the vet thinks she might have what she calls as nervious/stress colitis.. but not to sure, if she does not improve within 3 days we will get blood tests done to see if that is the cause..

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