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Thank you for your reply! Considering everything that is going on with her it definatly does not affect her personality! She is very strong emotionally even though we have alot of bumps on the way..

The vet did 3 fecals in two days he has kept her overnight multiple times. He told me that he wanted to do them in the AM, Noon and PM. That was the first time I took her to him and two came back neg then he perscribed the Tylan Power to put on her food, he has told me many times to just give her Tylan powder when her stomach is upset but it never solves the underlying issue.
The blood test came back today and it was normal, the 1st urine culture was not they gave me Cephalexin they took a second culture and sent this one out and it came back normal but they still sent her home with Baytril and Sucralfate which she has had Sucralfate before with no response to it I believe they told me it would settle her stomach but she still does not eat. I am afraid to give her hamburger and rice for the fact that when she eats anything besides royal canin she gets diarrhea so bad that she wont eat that eighter.
I always get to talk with the Vet Tech instead of the Vet who seems to be to busy and I get the feeling that he thinks I am just being paranoid. But everytime I feel like something is wrong I take her in he says shes fine and we always come back when she is obviously sick (when before to him she was showing no signs)and has not eaten in days. He doesnt really listen he cuts me off and tells me what to give her and thats about it.

Thank you so much for your time it is greatly appreciated!
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