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Teri I'm so sorry to hear about Riley's problem. It's tough. My Sheba (a ShepX) had to be put down at 7 due to severe hip dysplasia in both hind legs. She had torn her ACL and they couldn't do the surgery to repair that because she couldn't walk on her other leg alone for 3 months due to her hips. When we had her I was struggling as a single parent so the surgery to replace her hips was out of the question for us, like you we did our best to keep her pain free. It's a hard thing. I would certainly do the surgery or the stem cell treatments if it was an option. I agree with you, he's in the prime of his life, so if it's possible for you to do it then I would. They are our kids right.

He's looking as gorgeous as always. A friend of mine has her son doing some stem cell treatments for Colitis and it seems to be very helpful. I sure hope things work themselves out for you and Riley. Certainly he couldn't have a better mommy pulling for him.
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