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We recently had to make that tough decision with Minnie. She was eating, but kept losing weight. Eventually, she got to the point where she would eat a whole can of food and then ask for more 5 minutes later. Add to that the fact that we were pretty sure she was going blind and had arthritis.

We struggled with our decision. We didn't want to put her to sleep too early and take away life that she would have been happy to live. We also didn't want to wait until it was too late and she was already in pain. We spent weeks trying to find the "sweet spot" where she wasn't in major pain yet, but had lived her life as long as she could healthy.

In addition to our guilt, we got a lot of bad vibes from our roommate. He doesn't believe in euthanasea and thinks we put her to sleep because we didn't want to wake up throughout the night to feed her. That makes me want to scream. After 16 years with my little girl, I was dealing with more than enough to add that to the mix.

Anyway, I wanted you to know that you absolutely did the right thing. You were your kitty's savior. You ended his pain. It's always tough to make that decision and no one ever knows they did the right thing at the right time. Just know that he absolutely knows what you did for him and is thankful.

Unfortunately, the bad thing is I (or anyone here) really can't heal your shattered heart... as much as we wish we could. It will take time and a lot of tears. One day, you will go through a whole day and forget to cry. Then, someday you will go two days.

It helped us to put up a shrine to Minnie. We bought some nice frames and put our favorite pictures in there. We got her cremated and brought her home in a really pretty urn. Now, we feel like she is here with us.

I believe you will see him in the oddest places. Out of the corner of your eye, he'll be sitting on the counter, or sleeping on the sofa. You'll see a stray on the back wall that you swear looks like him, but you couldn't get a good look before the kitty jumped down. I believe they don't go very far... just a little more invisible.
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