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Chuck, I want to offer my condolences on your loss. Regardless of your financial situation, euthanasia is a painful decision and will leave you with the feelings of "what if". The staff at my vet's office has told me that they are facing more euthanasia procedures because the pet owners are just not able to afford the expense of treatment. You gave your beloved cat a painless passing and you did this out of your love for him. Had you only been concerned with money, you would have taken the cat home and made him suffer until he passed. Don't beat yourself up over this.

Know that regardless how much you spend, not all health issues can be successfully resolved and restore an animal to a quality of life. I tried to move mountains to save one of my dogs--the expense was tremendous. But in the end, money didn't matter; she could not recover. At a specialty vet's urging, I put this sweet little dog that trusted me more than anything through utter hell just so she could breathe a few more weeks (I can't call what she was doing living). I was ready to release her, but the vet kept telling me she would pull through. I listened to the false hope given by this vet, not my heart that told me it was time. Trust me, I understand guilt too.... Find peace in your heart that you did the right thing for your sweet cat.

I recently lost my geriatric dog. Due to my previous experience, my family and I discussed what we wanted for our wonderful, loyal dog and talked about these wishes with our family vet (a wonderful vet--not the one above). In essence we set up Advanced Directives for our sweet guy. Although his passing is very painful to me, I am at peace knowing I didn't make him suffer, go through unsuccessful surgeries, extended ICU stays, and countless medical procedures.

Your sweet kitty is at peace and patting butterflies at the Rainbow Bridge. He knows he was loved.
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