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How often should you feed your dog? 2 or 3 times a day?
I feed my dog nowadays 2 times a day, 5.30AM and 5.30PM. When she was a puppy I fed her 3 times a day, but at ~ 4 months I started feeding her only 2 times a day.

How much do you feed a dog (I think some food packages have amounts)?
My dog is schapendoes (medium size sheepdog) and I feed her one cup per meal, so that is 2 cups a day. I got instructions from the breeder, but they are same as in the food bag.

Do you leave food out all the time, or give them a time limit to eat?
No, I don't free feed my dog. I give her food twice a day and she normally empties the bowl on 30 secs If I free fed my dog I would have to be filling her food bowl all the time.

How often should they do their "business" (both pee and poo)?
My dog Miina is very regular. She poos 2 times a day, in the morning ~6AM (when I take her out for her morning walk) and then in the afternoon ~5PM (afternoon walk). She pees 3-4 times a day (morning walk, afternoon walk and evening walk plus maybe once more just before going to sleep)

How often (for regular visits) do you take them to the vet?
Once a year for her shots.

Will the vet tell me what vaccinations are needed and when?
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