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yay sammiec, im not the only once a day feeder.

i feed my 8yo GSd once a day at breakfast, but she always gets a nice snack in the afternoon, that may be a denta bone, broccoli stump, carrot or similar.

i cant leave food out as she is a total pig and will eat till she killed herself

she gets about 2 and half cups of dry with a bit of moist meat and rice or pasta or veges, once a week she gets a raw egg on it and once a week she gets about 2 tablespoons of olive oil on her breakfast.

but she also gets left overs and bits of toast and what not, you get the pic.

she does #2's generally once a day maybe 2. she pees hourly or similar.

vet planned visit once a year fro regular check up and booster shots, sometimes we have had a few unplanned visits too.

good to see you are getting a feel for things :love:
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