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I feed our yellow lab 2 times a day. During lunch about 11:30 and after supper, about 7:30. At each feeding, I give him about 3 cups, and what ever he doesn't eat right away, is left out, incase he gets hungry later. There are times when his evening feeding lasts him until the next mourning.
You should bring in a pet ATLEAST once a year, and the vet should inform you when an upcoming shot is coming.
Cano goes out to do his business on a schedule.1 when my hubby wakes up for work, 5am, 1 time when I get up 10am, 1 time after lunch 1pm, then every 2 hours after, and when it is aproaching bed time, every hour. He seems to have a very small bladder and can't hold it more than a couple hours. He is 8 months old, and I still have to pick up his water at 8pm, or he will have to go out a million times during the night.
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