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Thanks Chico for the book name. I have always wanted to buy a cat book with complete details...Oh and thanks for asking, they are doing much better now...their different personalities is much more visible now. Sabrina likes to follow me every where...Mama is more independent but she's extremely cute too...
I guess you are right about me being a worry-wart... I guess it's from losing Meow Meow so soon . It makes me nervous and I love Mama & Sabrina so much...
I don't know if you remember but I posted a thread a while ago saying that my mom came in to my apartment and started using pure bleach to clean the floor (she knows I would never let her do that if I am here). Not only that, she left all the doors and windows closed!!! When i came home I was shocked, I had no idea how long they were inhaling the bleach fumes. Also, the floor boards become matt color so i have no idea how long they have been lying on the floor and then licking themselves. I am so worried...even now. Some nice people here said there shouldn't be a problem but you know how I am....

Wow VickyK...are those products really good for my cats? At first I thought you are teaching me how to clean the kitchen I guess I will wait few more days to see how they are doing, their fur seems not as oily today. Thanks...and I swear I will never bring them for a bath again...Sabrina pulled out all the hair where they applied the Revolution!!! (this is the 2nd time I used this with her)

Sorry about the long posting...
My babies:

Samantha/BB (11-month-old ~~ Born on Oct 9, 2007)

Mama (17-year-old) - passed away
Sabrina (11 year-old) - passed away on Feb 7, 2006
Meow Meow (8 year-old) - passed away on May 15

My nephew:
Bor Bor (6 year-old puppy)
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