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Itchy paws

Hi my name is Andrea my friend has a dog with really bad allergys she used to get shots but they still didn't seem to help what we found helps the most is a good shampoo for allergys and every time she goes for a walk we rinse off her paws. And she gets bathes often. There are places where it is worse under her legs belly and paws around her neck tail places on her body we concintrate on whem washing her .If she is itching really bad she will wake my friend up in the middle of the night to be rinsed off. After any walk outside she is rinsed off with a hose outside or in the tub if cold out and usually gets a claratin generic once a day and in between she will give her benadryl. She has had this problem all her life and is very allergic to wheat , corn and rice she feeds her the dog food that has duck in it and usually grain free. But the rinseing her off especially her feet is the best thing she has found after being outside.Lexa is 12
Hope this helps
Good luck
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