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hey pet lovers!

Hi, my name is Jen & my boyfriend & I have two six year old cats and a 3 month old kitten. ChanChan is my first cat and she is a long hair torti, I got her as a kitten from an ad. Buddy is my second, he is a black and white sshorthair. I adopted Buddy from the SPCA when he was almost 2. He had been a removed from his home by the SPCA because of abuse, and his tail and voice box were damaged. Nibbles is the new addition and she is a white short hair with green eyes, she is also deaf. We got Nibbles from an ad as well. My boyfriend is severly allergic to cats, but he knew that I had them when we started dating. He also knew that if I had to choose between them, he would have to find a new girlfriend, so he started taking allergy shots every week. The shots worked really well, and there have been a few compromises, like the cats no longer sleep with me, but that's better than the alternative. I would never have been able to live with myself if I gave them up, and would wonder if they were safe or well loved constantly. Thankfully things have improved for the boyfriend, especially since we ripped up all carpets and replaced with hardwood, and replaced all fabric seating areas with leather. The effort has been worth it and Nibbles is actually the boyfriend's cat. We are now working on trying to work out signals to communicate with Nibbles as she can't hear a word we say (or yell). The two older cats are taking a longer time than I expected getting used to the new addition, possibly because Nibbles cannot hear their warning growls and doesn't know they're ticked until they whack her. It's getting better every day though. If anyone has any wisdom or comments on any of this I would love to hear from you. Thanks
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