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Smile dexamasone pill

hi- happy holidays to all and marko. I want to know if anyone has ever given their dog this pill. I know about steroids- its a human pill dexamasone 0.5mg lowest dosage and its 10x times more powerful than predisone. I went to vetinfo, is also an excellent source of info on dog health. there are a lot of side effects. it would be great if one of the vets read my post and comment.
vomiting,heavy panting,diarhea,bloody stools are just a few mentioned. the reason why he was prescribe this pill is because he goes around in circles. I did not have the monies for a mri,cat scan,fluroscopy they cost $$$$in nyc.

I already gave him 15 pills and I see no difference so far. he is 15/16 lasha apso. I saw a little blood on Tuesday night but no more except black/brown stools. Is he bleeding inside? I think Im going to get a stool sample and check it out to know for sure. Its also used for arthritis/joint pain. you never mix asprin with a steroid very dangerous-it can cause death. so I had him on novox (same as rimdayl) his eight bottle but hold off on the last bottle. What can I do to protect his stomach from ulcers when he is on this. He is already anemic for 2 yrs. He has loss muscle loss(scarponia) but that's because old dogs do not take in nutrients like they use to. any feedback is good. thanks. bye. sweetheart1.
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