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Pasiley was on Metronidazole (I think)...and it did NOTHING. She was also switched to Purina FE HA food- which caused the diarrhea. Once she started having diarrhea I put her in the bathroom (with food, water, toys, and litter)- she is peeing consistently in the litter box and pooping wherever. Yesterday she pooped on the floor, the day before on the bathroom counter, and before that in her bed.

Last January I believ a culture was done, and she was put on meds. She immediately started peeing in her litter box again. Pooping- has yet to make it there. When I moved in June she pooped in her litter box for 3 days (I was pscyhed)...and then has not since.

There was no ultrasound done to determine IBD- I believe they looked at symptoms. To my knowledge no blood samples have been taken either, they did do look at her stool under a microscope at one point.

Any other ideas? I would love to let her out of the bathroom soon- but would also really LOVE if she would poop in the litter box.
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