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Unhappy Running & Pooping (behavior/medical)

Hello All,

I come to this forum in desperation. Last year (January) my cat Paisley had a UTI. After always using the litter box she started to pee on the carpet- I immediately took her to the vet and she was put on meds. Since then she has refused to poop in her litter box. She is back to urinating in the box (yay!) but will not poop in it- or anywhere near it. Like others who have posted here Paisley is pooping while running. She will start to sprint around the house and then she just continues the sprint as she poops. I have been to the vet 3 times, and spoken to two behavior specialists. She has been locked in the bathroom (with food, water, toys, litter box) to try to reintroduce her to the litter box. She has multiple litter boxes (and I have tried multiple types of litter). She was recently put on meds for inflammatory bowel disease. Even with hiding it in her food it was difficult to get her to take the medication (she refuses to eat wet food), she was also put on special food. She has had diarrhea on and off for the last few days and is currently back in the big bathroom (easier to clean/monitor).
I am running out of ideas/solutions/patience. It has been almost a year of cleaning up and/or finding cat poop on a daily basis. Putting her down is out of the question and beyond her pooping issues she is a beautiful, enjoyable cat- that I would prefer to not have to give up for adoption, I also can't continue to have my house destroyed. I think this is a medical issue, and have spoken to two vets. One suggested trying cortisone meds as a next step, but with the way these last meds have turned out (which were supposed to help within 6 days) I am hesitant. Any help/suggestion/re-assurance would be GREATLY appreciated. I don't want to have a sick cat anymore, and miss the days when the litter box was her friend!!!!!
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