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Or the dog doesn't produce large enough $litters$ or has some kind of reproductive problems...

People who really are serious about breeding a GOOD pure bred dog for the betterment of the breed & all that wait until the bitch (and sire) are at least two years old, have been tested & found to be structurally & mentally sound. These dogs are shown in conformation so they can be stacked up next to other exemplary examples of the breed to ensure they fit the breed standard. They are family members and every effort is made to ensure a perfect match in parents is made and the resulting puppies are handled & socialised and taken excellent care of until they go to their new homes which have usually been on a waiting list for some time and approved by the breeder.

People who breed for money or because they are just too lazy to make sure the dog doesn't get pregnant will often get rid of a dog if a: they don't like it for some reason and b: they find they can't sell the puppies and make money.

What was the history on your Beagle, do you know where she came from? And do you have any pictures you can post?
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