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PS...I went to the local grocery this morning and stocked up on the basic from what I read so far the first 2 weeks I should give them chicken leg quarters until they get used to the RAW right? (PS I found leg quarters for .58 cents a lb is that pretty good as far as price in a grocer since I have no butchers?) So I got home and gave Athena hers and she just licked it at first like umm what is this nasty stuff mom...then I cut in up a bit and she would chew on it a little...and after cutting it down a bit more she is finally eating it. She wouldnt touch the stuff until I made it into more manageable pieces haha...for such a big dog she is a bit of a baby lol

Hannah is licking hers like a lollipop haha...I have a feeling this is going to take some getting used to

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