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Found 2 large dogs nov3 trouve 2 chiens femelles

I found 2 large dogs, both female. I don't know if these dogs know each other but they get along like they do! They seems to be quite quiet and are certainly house dogs.
One is a brown labrador and she has been nursing some puppies since she has large breasts. She is very friendly and probably the youngest of the two.

I live in st-Mathias sur le Richelieu, on the south shore of Montreal,qc.

The other looks like a german sheppard mix and seems to be in need of some medical attention, she has some sores and cuts. She growled at me when I touched her behind the ear so I don't want to treat her myself. She seems friendly but I want to be careful.

Neither of these dogs seems to know what a leash or a collar is, so they must be interior dogs, no tags, they are clean and fed, waiting for their owners to find them. I will be calling the S.P.C.A monteregie and the S.C.D.D posting online and have already made a flyer, I'll be letting the local businesses know as well. I know what it's like to lose a pet!
If you have any info on these 2 dogs email me at
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