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Originally Posted by drdouggie View Post
I would like to point out that the suggestion to give dogs and cats Allium (onion) as a homeopathic remedy is an erroneous one. This could be a potentially harmful practice as onion is toxic to dogs and particulary so to cats. It can gastrointestinal upsets and haemolytic anaemia. I wouldn't recommend giving cats or dogs onion as a treatment for colds or flus.
I wouldn't worry about any harm from this homeopathic "remedy". Although you are correct to say that onions can harm dogs, the "remedy" he is suggesting is in a concentration of parts per billion. It would be no more harmful than your dog drinking some water, actually the effects would be identical because that's precisely what he would be doing. There is no proof that homeopathic remedies (why would the call it a remedy and not medicine, hmmmm......) have any efficacy beyond placebo in humans (how effective do you think placebo is in dogs?)

The sad thing is, some people might take this guy's advice instead of taking him to the FREAKING VET!

I think some vets prescribe homeopathic remedies to pet owners to try and pry some more of your hard earned money and some actually believe in that crap. Either way, time to find a new vet.
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