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rubys kitchen floor

Hey, its ruby again. I played a trick on mommy today. She decided she was going to sweep, and scrub the kitchen floor today.

I waited patiently with my chewie (and yes I know she gives them to me , so I will be still and guiet and leave her alone)....

I chewed and I waited, and just as she got the last swipe of the mop done...I ATTACKED.
I did a giant zoomie across the kitchen. And when mommy was fussing at me to stop..I did. For about six seconds...and I zoomied again. Serves her right for only giving me ONE peice of cheese today. And besides she should be playing with ME, not the mop!

SO...mommy shooed me out of the kitchen and locked me up in the bedroom.
I threw a fit (after all she should know better to do that)...and with my nose stuck under the door, I see her mop it all over again.

Mommy waited until it was dry to let me out..(smart mommy, smart...)...
and when she let me out..I did a few more zoomies just to prove my point.
But I was thourghly dissapointed that mommy didnt care. So....I ask to go potty.
Mommy takes me (i have her trained that way)

I tee, and two. and in we come. I proceed to demand a sweet tater chew.
And I get it (told you I have her trained).
I gobble it up.

Then...I'm sitting there rather bored so I zoomie across the floor. Darn tracks. Hmmmm.... an hits me.
I walk over and FORCE a pee onto the kitchen floor. HA HA mommy...take that.
(so it was just a dribble...but least she'll have to drag out the mop again. NENIER NENIER NENIER.).
mommy DID NOT drag out the mop (darn it).
She got the lysol spray and a paper towel.
Then I hear "ANNNT" which means I'm in trouble. And mommy breaks out the pee gaurd for girls. GRRRRR. I HATE THIS. I'm gonna make her WORK for this one. I wiggle, I squirm, I whine, I attempt to run, I almost won...but she tackled me and shoved it on.
OK...this means war.

Mom's not looking...I'm going to fix her.
I pulled all the stuffing out of my hippo toy and placed it all over the kitchen floor.
I then take all of my food and place it all over the floor so mommy will step on it when she gets up.
Mommy picks up the stuffing. Tell's me ANNNNT (i hate that sound).... and puts me in my "naughty" spot (again with the bedroom door being shut).

Well....I guess maybe I need to leave mommys floor alone. Sigh.....
night all.
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