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The tests

Thanks for the reply Dr. Lee.

I think they ran the 4Dx test -- it was a test the checked for three strains.

The test that they ran when we first took her in was for the virus -- this came back as a low positive. The Dr. said that he does not believe that Sienna has this virus but they put her on Clindamycin anyway. The Dr. said to leave her on the medicine anyway because it will not harm her (but we don't expect to see any results because of this).

A CBC was done.

They also put her on Prednisone (so she is currently on 50mg of Pednisone and she is also on Clindamycin). Today (Friday) has been her 5th day on Prednisone and we have not seen any results (the symptoms have not worsen but have not improved). Is it strange to have not seen any results? Initially the Dr. said we should see results within 24 hrs but now he is saying the it can sometimes take longer. We have another appointment on Tuesday where the Dr. will do another check up. Is there anything that we should ask the Dr. that maybe we have not asked?

They have not done an MRI or a CT yet. They did do a spinal tap and they found protein in the fluid. When they sent this off the get analyzed, the sample arrived broker. The Dr. hasn't suggested doing another one yet but he did suggest that the high protein means either lymphoma or an autoimmune disease -- so the prednisone would be the right treatment regardless. If it is lymphoma isn't it strange that we have seen no other symptoms? (i.e. not swollen lymph nodes). The Dr. said the only way to be sure is to do a biopsy of the affected leg but even this is no guarantee that they would be able to get the cells that have the lymphoma. It just seems weird that the thought could be lymphoma based on the protein in the fluid alone.

We had done some research and found a disease called polyradiculoneuritis (Coonhound Paralysis) and the symptoms seemed very similar. We ran this by the Dr. and he said that Sienna definitely does not have this.

One last thing I should mention is that almost 5 weeks ago Sienna was put on Stilbesterol for what the Vet thins is an incontinence issue. She started licking a lot, and leaking from the vaginal area -- not sure if it was urine. It was drops of clear liquid usually when she was sleeping or lying around. Anyway, about 2 weeks after she was on this the limping started. The Dr. said there is no connection but I thought I would mention this.
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