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Spaying and Personality Changes

Hi everyone!

We have a 7 month old Bichon / Yorkie mix named Donut who we let go through her first heat. I have a coworker whose wife is an Alaskan Kleekai breeder and she had recommended we do that so that the hormones and other chemical puberty signals in her body could adequately complete, and allow her to grow and mature correctly. She said the bones and joints will end up stronger as a result.

We are purely thinking from a health and wellness standpoint for HER needs. We want to make sure she lives comfortably and safely because she is our v.v. special child.

With that preamble I will get to the main question I had for discussion - we heard that spaying can cause major personality shifts in a dog, and she could become aggressive, more annoyed, and other negative aspects.

What is everyone's opinion on this?

Thank You!
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