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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post

A blood glucose curve is still the best way to monitor though.

However, there are some great human insulins that can be used on cats with much better results than Caninsulin (which was originally developed for dogs and is suited more for their slower metabolism). Lantus or Levemir are longer lasting, and although they're more expensive than Caninsulin, they have higher rates of sending cats into remission

I think I will definitely be doing the bg test. Just have to figure out the monitor to use. Do u have any suggestions sugarcatmom? The water test would be too hard with 5 other animals male in the household and I'd hate to lock him up when he's not use to it for test that isn't as good.

If I want to put my baby on Lantus or Levemir is there a conversion chart that u know of or would I talk to the vet first?

I will definitely be checking out the site u recommended.

Thanks for all ur help. I'm am very grateful as I stumble thru this. The needles already made a big difference. He feels them and complains but not as bad.
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