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vet office just called me back to check on him, v nice of them. She told me I dont have to vaccinate him again for 3 yrs, that's good. I won't.

The vet tech was baffled as to why he had such a delayed freakout. She says its classic freakout with the foaming, vomitting, diarrea. I just dont know why it happened, he's been to the vet before.

This is a new vet tho, a male (Onnie likes guys too ) he was hired in August and he was very kind and knowledgeable. I actually liked him more than my original vet who owns the clinic cuz he talked me thru everything and didnt rush. He gave them the vaccine in the leg area not in the scruff. Told me its normal that there may be a lump after. Talked to me about what each vaccine does and decreased the number they were taking cuz last yr my vet vaccinated him for things that usually only outdoor cats are vaccinated for. He was very kind. Also reccomended vitamins for Bunduk to help with the pica? He asked what I was feeding, I said wellness. He said maybe try switching..told him Ive switched a lot, fed orijen before and he said that was a very good food. I liked that. My vet didnt even know what orijen was and made me switch onnie to prescription weight loss food (NOT good).

Im very baffled and also very upset for Onnie :sad: He's just sitting there in his corner, eyes shut tight, shaking :sad: no more panting, thank God.

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