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Like I said this thread is going nowhere. You say that what I wrote is rubbish about her having those wolves and telling me she is cross breeding and I am telling you that you are very insulting.

It's no use me swearing up and down that what I saw and know existed. These people had world champions and had wolves at one point in a enclosure on their property and told me they crossed them with their dogs.

What form that took, the length of time the exercise lasted and the results I have no idea of. I'm just a person who accidentally saw something I probably wasn't supposed to see.

Times have changed for sure in every way. When I was a kid I had rheumatic fever and they had antibiotics but not the substances they have today to get rid of the toxins that build up from having streptococcus in your blood. The very old man who volunteered at the hospital to teach me to walk on crutches for my release from the hospital had the disease as a child and was treated by being wrapped and having hot lemonade poured all over his body. The older nurses confirmed he was not pulling my leg. They didn't know what to do with it when he was a kid.

You know this is kind of funny because by acting like a know it all you are passing by something. It doesn't change and can't change what I know and saw.

I will not come back here as it is useless speaking with you. You are totally closed off. You obviously did not read my posts this I will repeat because you keep answering things that interpret what I say totally wrong.

I did not make a thread about how to make champion huskies. I would not do this because I am not an expert.

You can keep taking one sentence out of context and reading all kinds of stuff into it. Like when I said she was an extraordinary breeder. I meant the fact that she had had world champions. I did not mean the fact that she had wolves which I was against. If I tell you "I like Micheal Jackson's music" and you say "oh so you love pedophiles" I'd have to tell you that you misunderstood me. NOTE This example is actually something that happened to my daughter. I respect the lifestyle she had in the woods and the fact that she could sled up when approaching 90. I met her and talked to her at length. They had us over for supper when we did the long drive to get our dog. I think she is an extraordinary person for many of the things she did, but you just zoom in on little parts of what I am saying instead of getting the big picture. Would I have made this thread to warn people about mixing wolves with dogs if I thought it was a good idea and a good way to make champions? It's rhetorical obviously. So how come you can't see my intent and keep getting it all wrong?

I think you didn't read my posts and you are just zooming in little things. I'm just a person who bought a dog and saw some wolves on her property and took her word for what she was doing with it. One book which I had for around 15 years that I can't find online anywhere but was highly recommended at the time spoke of this practice. It reassured me.

Books are written by people they can be misguided. I saw online info during my research on wolves that said that this practice did not occur and that they doubted there was a mix with wolves because of genetic testing. Weather this was an incident that was rare and misguided by this breeder is anyone's guess till someone starts a similar project on Siberians as The Human Genome Project. From what I have written you must know by now that I have no idea how far those wolf genes made it. I have no idea if her champions have the slightest wolf blood. If you would read the posts you would not still be answering the things you are. Her champions may have been designed before she got a silly notion to bring wolves into the mix. The wolves on the property may have been an embryonic project that was aborted. I just don't know but here you are acting like I made a thread stating that using wolves to make huskies is a good idea when my thread was just the exact opposite. How can I make a thread whose sole purpose is to warn against people mixing wolves and dogs and have someone basically repeat over and over that mixing wolves and dogs is a bad idea to me as if I said the opposite, as if I made a thread to promote this?

I see no reason to continue conversing with someone who basically called me a liar by saying that what I said is rubbish.

I think your interpretation is rubbish. From reading your posts I am hearing that you think I am saying "hey all breeders do this and it's the only way to make a champion" because that seems to be the person you are addressing.

I on the other hand related a few simple anecdotes of my life. I consider you hijacked my thread completely.
Here we are still talking about Siberians and how to breed them when my thread was about wolf hybrids. The anecdote of my dog was a sidenote on how much of a heartache this can lead to.

I took pictures the day I bought Kim. I photographed some of the champions there. How I wish now I had quickly snapped the wolf enclosure.

I could then disclose the name of the Breeder and you would have to say. Yes this breeder was famous at that time. I don't know if her children have taken over for her or if they have simply stopped breeding. They do have a website. I am not here to ruin someones business as I am sure they have probably fallen into respecting whatever laws now exist. I can't imagine anyone daring to have a wolf enclosure on their property in this day and age and as I stated when I brought Kim back the enclosure was gone.

I think you are going into this with a mindset of our time. Today at my age I probably would have called the authorities on this lady.

People breed cats from wild cats then make a breed out of them. I suppose they get special permits for them. Was she able to get special permits? I have no idea and can only speak of what I know. I had no idea when I walked in on all this what "normal" practices were at the time. Like I said before I didn't ask the right questions either, we always realize this after. Experiences like this teach us that a gut feeling "somethings not right here" should be listened to no matter how much you planned saved and dreampt of getting that puppy.