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Frenchy, I totally hear you. I'm totally shocked that people are constantly surprised at the depths to which humans can sink, especially when it comes to animals. I also get very frustrated when people choose their convienience or their furniture over an animal's nature-given "tools" and have their cats declawed without considering what that does to the cat. It's very sad to me how so many people go through the world with blinders on, whether it's about animals, politics, war, health care, etc etc.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who wants to drag these kids behind my car. But at the very least, they should be forced to spend some time *helping* animals. A fine won't make any difference, because their parents will just have to pay it, and the parents aren't the ones who did anything wrong (other than maybe not seeing signs of something like this happening).

To everyone who has pets in their life, or see animals on a regular basis who aren't living in your homes; please give each of them an extra hug &/or kiss in an attempt to make up for all the harm that other humans have done to their species.

(we should have a smiley of dogs hugging!)

little doggie (they should have published the dog's name so we could send her our love directly)

PS: on an unrelated topic... what happens when the dog's kid dies? Will she attack him and chase him all the way to hell? She, of course, is safely across the rainbow bridge.
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