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Exclamation Urgent

Hi NuggetandWicket and welcome to the forum !

My gut feeling is that he has lost/is losing some/all vision.

This can happen in cats for (at least) two reasons
- high blood pressure causing retinal detachment (full blindness, temporary or permanent depending on immediate treatment)
- high blood sugar causing reduced blood flow to the retinas (partial or full blindness)
This is an urgent situation - not one that can wait until tomorrow.

I'm very surprised that an ER facility would not have suspected vision loss - if what you described then are what you described here - with or without that video, loss of vision immediately comes to my mind....and, I'm no Vet.

You need a quality Vet when things get complicated in feline medicine - general practice Vets often just don't 'cut the mustard'. There is a cat-only hospital/clinic in Halifax.....perhaps consider that.

In any case, if there is to be any hope.....treatment timing is of the essence!

Keep us posted.


Meantime, I see you're still feeding dry food......IMO, you can use some 'pointy' well-informed advice for better managing Nugget's diabetes. There is a specialized online community for folks with diabetic cats - it's well-recognized as the premiere go-to resource for diabetic kitties and has been active since very early Internet days. This is it: Feline Diabetes Message Board - FDMB

But, don't waste time with it now....get him to the Vet ASAP !
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