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A curious thing

So My twins, Malp and Dhd, both have this habit of grooming people as well as each other, my older female Shinigami....I even caught Dhd grooming the dog once!

It's not really a bother, not really something I have any desire to stop, I'm just cerious as to WHY they do this.
Dhd will sit there and lick my arm, my hand, my armpit (when I"m asleep) by the HOUR.
Malp has more an attraction to my hair, spasifically around my scalp. Today she even tried to groom my eyebrow!

Are they just letting me know i'm part of the colony? or is this something else? does anyone else's cats do this or are mine just werid? (it's okay if they are. I"m a werido too!)
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