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had one planned in my head for today but it didn't pan out. I was supposed to go to Ottawa to get my winter tires (mom's man has good deals) and I was going to get them put on and then just keep going. I figured if I could just see the mountains and then turn back I might have enough of a boost to last me the next two weeks. But turns out, I don't have enough money to get winter tires, so I couldn't go even to Ottawa.
But you are such an experienced winter driver you wouldnt need them. If you kept heading south to Florida then you wont need them. Just let all our southern members know you will be stopping in for a visit.

This is the first year I have had snow tires. But I insisted as I have to drive the highway everyday and it gets pretty brutal. Just here in the city you slip and slide but its managable.

remember people we already have a snow tire thread.

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