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It's quite dangerous for cats to not eat. They can get fatty liver disease. My Vet worries if two days pass without eating. It's good he ate this morning. The wonders of play.

Keep an eye on him. Some of mine have been "out of it" for as much as three days and not their normal selves for more. I have to separate rabies from the other vaccines for two of our cats to avoid this but they still are not their normal selves for a couple of days. It means two trips to the Vet a week apart for me.

Which rabies vaccine did Oiver get? The 3 year or the one year? Many, many Vets will not give cats the 3 year vaccine because of a risk of cancer at the injection site from the adjuvant used in the 3 year. This does not apply to most dogs but some small breeds are also at risk I think.

Many pet owners now question the need for as many vaccines as we used to give our pets. Rabies is required by law most places but the other we can manupulate a bit and some like to separate as a matter of course.

Oliver will probaly perk up soon. If he doesn't, call your Vet.
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